12th March 2024

Ex ante cost document

Our Investment Fees

This document is about the fees you need to pay when you invest in a Propelle ISA or a Propelle GIA.

To help you understand which fees you’re paying, we’re going to use some examples.

Fees you’ll need to pay

When you invest in a fund through an ISA or through a GIA, the fee remains the same.

We charge you for making the investment accounts available to you. The fund manager, in our case Vanguard, will also charge you for managing the fund you invest in.
At Propelle, we believe in transparency and making fees as clear and simple as possible. This is why when we talk about fees, we always give you the full and total fee. This covers both our fee and the fund manager’s fee.
Regardless of the fund you select, you’ll pay 0.7% per year in total. This fee covers both Propelle’s fee (0.48%) and Vanguard’s fee (0.22%).

When you’ll pay the fees

Vanguard will take their fee daily. That means that they divide 0.22% by the amount of days in a year and take what they’re owed daily.
Propelle will calculate what you need to pay daily, but we’ll only take it once a month.
The fees are taken directly from your investment, which means you don’t have to pay anything separately, we’ll handle it for you.

An example of the fees you may pay

If you invested £5000 in an Investment Account at Propelle over 5 years at an assumed return of 5% you’d be charged:

Initial value£5,000
Return rate5 years
(0.48% to Propelle and 0.22% to Vanguard)
Value after 5 years 6,161.86
Value after 5 years (without fees)6,381.41
Fees paid£195.08
(£133.77 to Propelle and £61.31 to Vanguard)

This means that if your investment of £5,000 was to grow 5% per year, after 5 years you’d have £6,161.86 and would have paid £195.08 in total fees.