17th April 2023

Where to start with investing?

Let us guess, you’ve decided to start building wealth and need to know where to start with investing?

We have a feeling, you may feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be.

Investing is like the medical profession (ish)

Learning about investing and understanding how it all works is a bit like the medical profession. On the surface, it all seems really complicated and overwhelming. Lots of jargon, and lots to know. It feels like only specialists are able to figure it all out and know how it works!

Don’t get us wrong, medical professionals are needed and are worth more than their weight in gold. If you have something seriously wrong with you then you absolutely want an expert in control, helping you make informed decisions and ultimately making you better.

But if you have a slight cold or a slight sprain in your wrist from too much screen scrolling on your phone then you can probably sort that out yourself. Investing is similar. 

There will absolutely be occasions or situations where you’ll need expert help and advice (think taxes, pensions, wealth advice, inheritance planning etc). But for many of us, we can do the basics of investing ourselves. For a large majority of us, that’s all we really need. But with the way the investment industry is set up, even the basics seem so daunting and frankly overwhelming. 

The top questions we’re always asked are:

  • “Where the hell do I start?”
  • “How do I know which investments to choose?”
  • “How much should I be investing?”
  • “Who should I invest with?”

Fear not, we’ve got you! 

Learn how to start investing with Propelle

Propelle has been built and designed specifically for women like you. Our platform gives you everything you need to take investment action and start building wealth your way. Whether you want to “DIY it” and build your own investment portfolio or not, we have you covered through our tools, calculators, online content, webinars, events and more.

The whole purpose of our content section is to help you build investor confidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re a financial whizz at a top-tier bank or if you’ve never looked at investing. Our research has shown us that most of us need it, regardless of our backgrounds.

We’ve kept things simple, logical, easy to digest and most importantly, jargon-free. Not because you wouldn’t get the complex things, but because we know that you’re likely busy juggling all the many things we women do. If we can make your life easier, that’s the option we’ll always take.

Here’s what’s included:

How to start investing with Propelle

How to effectively learn about investing with Propelle:

  1. Read or Listen: Reading always helps with information retention. But if you’re pushed for time click the audio button and listen instead.
  2. Learn in a way that works for you: It’s usually best to work your way through in order, but if you know a lot of the topics already then feel free to skip to the sections where you still have some knowledge gaps.
  3. Take notes: Write things down and highlight any areas where you still have questions. If you’re in our community chat, you can ask us and your peers more questions!
  4. Join our community chat: Once you’ve been through our content, jump into our Community Chat (if you haven’t already). You’ll be able to learn more from other women in the Propelle community as well as from our team and expert partners we work with.
  5. Revisit content: Going through the content once might not be enough. Go through it as many times as you need until you’ve got it! We’ll regularly add new content so keep checking back for updates.
  6. Give us feedback! Tell us what’s missing, what you want more of, what you like and what can be improved. We’re committed to creating valuable content you feel you need to increase your knowledge and build your investment confidence. Give us feedback and have a chat with our development team in the community channel here.

Propelle does not provide investment advice. If you are unsure about anything, please seek financial advice from an authorised advisor. Your capital is at risk.