30th June 2023

Propelle’s Community Guidelines

Rules for the participants – Code of conduct

👭 We’re friends, not foes

Always treat your fellow community members with respect and kindness. We do not tolerate any form of discriminatory, inappropriate or offensive behaviour, and any members taking part in this behaviour will be removed from the community indefinitely.

💅 Keep it classy

This isn’t Wall Street Bets. While we encourage open discussions and healthy debates, please keep it professional. No profanity or offensive language is allowed. 

🙅‍♀️ No self-promo

We’re here to talk about investing, building wealth and financial freedom from a woman’s perspective, not selling. No sales pitches, promotional links, or spamming are allowed unless we have granted temporary permission. We’re building a community, not a sales funnel.

🔐 What happens in Propelle, stays in Propelle

Being a member of our community means that we want to keep this experience exclusive to you and the rest of your peers. Please do not share personal information or confidential information discussed in this Slack channel. We value your privacy more than Warren Buffett values Berkshire Hathaway!

🤗 It’s a safe space

Whilst we love to talk about the ways women can build wealth and reach financial freedom, we understand that we have needs, wins and frustrations that you sometimes just need to let off your chest (or celebrate within our community!). Our community is a safe space for all things money and women related.

🤝 Lend a hand

Share your experience and offer support. Our chat channel is a supportive community where we help each other succeed. 

📌 Follow the code

These guidelines are part of our larger code of conduct. Any violations will be dealt with according to the code. In this community, we follow the rules like we follow the stock market!

🎉 Have fun!

Last but not least, let’s have some fun! Let’s talk about finance in a fun and engaging way, including how it impacts the other important areas of our lives. Let’s celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes. Let’s go for gold and have a blast doing it! We’re all about maximising profits and maximising fun!

❌ No financial promotions
Financial promotions are any invitation or inducements to engage in an investment activity. Propelle will not take part in any financial promotions via community chat. Community members should refrain from doing financial promotions.

🙅‍♀️ No financial advice
Financial advice is the act of recommending a financial product to someone. This activity can only be undertaken by registered people or businesses. Propelle is not regulated to give financial advice and can therefore not recommend products to customers. Community members should refrain from advising specific financial products to others.