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A place for women to start or supercharge their investing journey and build wealth

Propelle is built on three pillars: learn, connect and invest. We believe that it takes all three elements to create an investment platform where women thrive financially. That's why we've put it all in one place so you have everything you need to start or supercharge your investment journey with Propelle.


Investing isn't as complicated as you may think… or at least it doesn't have to be. We've worked with experts in the field to debunk the myth that investing is challenging, by making educational content easily digestible, jargon free and engaging. You'll learn everything you need to know about investing at your own pace, in your own time and at the right level of complexity for you.


They say it takes a village to raise a child. Although it doesn't take a village to invest, it certainly is more fun, more informative and more empowering to have your Propelle community by your side. We create safe spaces through events and community chats to help you connect and learn about investing, while feeling inspired and motivated to build wealth, your way.


Investing is a powerful tool to grow your money, build wealth and reach your goals. The traditional investment industry has made investing feel difficult and out of reach for many, but we're here to change this! Our goal is to remove the barriers, make investing engaging and bring you a wide range of different types of investments so you have more choice.

How it works


How it works


Get access to easy to use, but super helpful, financial tools to help you on your investment journey. Our Goal Mapper and Risk Calculator have got you covered.


How it works

Investments all in one place

Propelle will enable you to invest in different assets, giving you diversification and choice. We do that by partnering with experts who offer investment opportunities to you. From property to equities, we’ll be bringing a range of assets to you so that you can decide how to invest your money, your way.


How it works

Find property investments from £100

Property is a well established investment class, yet the barriers to entry can be very high for many women. If you don’t have a deposit you might think it’s not something you can invest in. Well, that’s not necessarily the case! We facilitate access to property investments from £100 upwards.

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